Jupiter Terminal

An open-sourced, lite version of Jupiter that provides end-to-end swap flow by linking it in your HTML. Check out the visual demo for the various integration modes below.

What's new in V2 ✨

Jupiter renders as a part of your dApp.



Things you can configure

Fixed input mint

Input mint cannot be changed

Fixed output mint

Output mint cannot be changed

Exact output mode

Specify output instead of input

Fixed amount

Depending on Exact In / Exact Out, the amount cannot be changed

Use user slippage

Prevent Initial slippage from overriding user's last saved slippage

Initial slippage

Slippage to be prefilled on first load

Use user slippage is true

Initial amount

Amount to be prefilled on first load

Simulate wallet passthrough

Simulate Terminal with a fake wallet passthrough

(Testing available on Desktop only)

Strict Token List

The strict list contains a smaller set of validated tokens. To see all tokens, toggle "off".

Preferred Explorer

Setup HTML

Terminal is designed to work anywhere the web runs, including React, Plain HTML/JS, and many other frameworks.

Code snippet